Treatments to
escape the stress

Mondays till Thursdays from 04.00 to 08.00 pm. To make your treatment dreams come true, please book your treatments in advance at info@thalers-mariandl.at.

Full body massage

Essential oils and gentle touches. Treat yourself to some time and an all-round indulgence package with our relaxing full body massage.

Lymphatic drainage

A gentle massage, stimulating the movement of lymph fluids in your body with revitalizing effects.

Back massage

The focus of this treatment lies on the often tense muscles of the neck, shoulders and back. The massage technique releases tensions and makes you relax. 


So that we can fulfill your treatment request, we ask you for reservation at info@thalers-mariandl.at

At Thalers Mariandl we offer yoga lessons for your holistic relaxation experience. With a yoga room that provides best views of nature. Movements in flow, conscious breathing and even more relaxation. Take part in our weekly yoga sessions. Breathe deep and feel good. For inner balance and new energy.